Radial Head Replacement

The radial head is the disc shaped part of your elbow joint, which allows rotation of the forearm. Radial Head Replacement may be necessary in the setting of arthritis or more commonly, a severe fracture.

In severe radial head fractures, the bone fragments may be too small or too damaged for adequate restoration and stable fixation with pins or screws. A radial head replacement restores joint stability and function in these cases.


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The bearing surface of the replacement can be metal or a newer material such as pyrocarbon. Mr Chua prefers to use a pyrocarbon replacement where possible, as this theoretically provides a surface with mechanical properties closer to your normal bone and cartilage than traditional metal replacements.


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After surgery, you will probably stay in hospital overnight and your arm will be placed in a sling. Most of the time, you will be able to move the elbow straight away to begin your rehabilitation.

A physiotherapist will help you with exercises for your elbow, both in hospital and after you leave, to restore function to the elbow as quickly as possible.

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