Shoulder, Knee & Elbow Conditions


Mr Soong Chua has had years of experience treating conditions of the shoulder, knee and elbow.

Select an area below to read more about conditions of each of these areas of the body.

Shoulder Conditions
Orthopaedic conditions of the shoulder range from rotator cuff tears and frozen shoulders to dislocation and arthritis. Read our...
Knee Conditions
Mr Soong Chua is a specialist knee surgeon based in Melbourne. He has years of experience in treating knee conditions, whether...
Elbow Conditions
Elbow conditions vary in severity, however, each condition can be treated, whether that be by surgical or non-surgical methods....
Fractures & Injuries Conditions
Fractures & Injuries
Orthopaedic trauma includes fractures and injuried which are usually caused by traumatic events such as sports or accidents. Mr...

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